Nexus 5X: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

The new Nexus 5X is looking like the best replacement for my aged Nexus 4. The Nexus 6P is also a good option but I trust LG more than Huawei.

Music: Yukka by Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto

There was a time when I was all about anime and manga. I've grown out of it now; although I watch an episode or two from time-to-time and read the latest chapters of popular manga.

Moto X Play: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Now that the Moto G (2015) is available in the Philippines, will the Moto X Play follow?

"Page Not Found" when sharing on Facebook? Here's a quick fix.

Facebook runs a URL scraper that visits, gathers and indexes data of pages where the social plugins (like button, comment, etc.) are installed. When someone visits a URL with any of the social plugins, it triggers the Facebook to scrape information of that URL.

Music: River by Ibeyi

Ibeyi River

Moto G (2015): Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Motorola Moto G 2015

Motorola just announced a premium upgrade to the popular mid-range handset -- the Moto G (2015). This new version is completely different from last year's Moto G; it's bigger and is packed with better specs for the price.

Rediscovering Nick Drake

Nick Drake and music

Much have been written about the life and music of Nick Drake. This is nothing more than a personal story on how I discovered and rediscovered his music.