Learning SASS

After 2 responsive templates and a site redesign, I think, I now have a good grasp how responsive web design works. It's time to venture further into frontend development with SASS.

CHED Website Hacked

The official website of the Commision on Higher Education (CHED),, has been hacked by a Turkish group.

Diving Into Python

I'm tired of tweaking content management systems to make them work as I want them to. It's time to start learning how to program.

Redesigning Camiguin Guide

I redesigned Camiguin Guide, a website I created more than 3 years ago. Here are some of the steps I took to update the look and feel of the site.

Viewport Units: A quick test

I just discovered new units that has the potential to make responsive design easier. vw and vh measures the size of items in a webpage relative to the device's viewport.

Moto E: Specs, price & availability in the Philippines

Motorola launched a new budget smartphone that's clearly aimed at emerging markets like the Philippines. It's advertised as a durable Android handset at an affordable price.

Unnamed: A lightweight responsive blog template

Unnamed is another simple free and responsive blog template that follows the single-column layout of Named. (It's the same template that this blog uses.)

An item of a very distant past

An afternoon stroll in the park became a reminder of the the distant past and future.

Migrating Island Trotters from WordPress to ModX

Island Trotters is a travel blog we, Issa and I, created to document and highlight our travels. It was hastily built using WordPress.